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Why CockyBoys?

There is something about the CockyBoys aesthetic that gets porn wheels turning—an ironic touch that’s light enough not to compromise the simple pleasures of whacking off.

— New York Magazine

The Walt Whitman of gay porn.
Jake Jaxson wants to revolutionize porn with an erotic documentary inspired by great poets and celebrating life.


It's what Jaxson as a filmmaker has in common with Warhol or Waters: The persona and personality that actually come through to the viewer give the impression of actual creativity taking place.

— Out Magazine

In five short years, Jake Jaxson’s particular brand of arthouse erotica has propelled CockyBoys to the top of its industry.

— The Village Voice

They’ve thrown porn’s formulaic wham-bam-thank-you-man rulebook out the window and recreated the porn paradigm.

— DNA Magazine

Although it’s geared toward gay guys, this site trots out a smorgasbord of foxy men—so even if you don’t think you’re into dude-on-dude action, trust us and give it a shot anyway.

— Cosmopolitan Magazine

We’ve been hearing so much buzz about [CockyBoys] that we couldn’t ignore it anymore… it’s the first time we can remember enjoying something other than sex in a porn series (not that the sex disappoints).

— Queerty

Our favorite gay adult film company.

— Paper Magazine

And to all the judgmental moralizers, self haters, double speakers, and glass housers, watch this and ask yourself before you pick up that next rock.

— Jake Jaxson []

We could write a 20 page essay about CockyBoys revolutionizing the way we watch porn (and maybe we will…), but until we do, The Haunting is just something you have to see to believe.

— Fleshbot

What makes “A Thing of Beauty” (the book) sexy are the images that tease, capture a peek-a-boo moment or a tender caress. I think the touch seen in the photographs versus the penetration in the films, is almost more erotic.

— IndieWire

There will probably never be another gay adult studio quite like Cocky Boys. The studio's ambitious and evocative, full-length features have helped to expand gay porn’s creative boundaries.

— Cybersocket Magazine

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